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1. We are a small company – our needs are a few dozen pieces several times a year.  Polo shirts, jackets and some t-shirts.  Can you still help?

Absolutely.  Impact prides itself on our ability to cater to customers of all sizes.  Our minimum orders are most flexible with embroidery and provide a professional look without a huge expense.  Often times, the logo we use for your polo’s will work on hats, jackets and sweatshirts!  This means inimal set up expense and ease of re-ordering. 


2. What are the Set Up costs for embroidery?  For Screen Printing?

Embroidery set up (aka digitizing or punching) includes several considerations beyond “stitch count” or design size.  They include design complexity, number of color changes and type of apparel.  Impact does much of our digitizing in-house.  We also utilize the services of a 25 year industry veteran for the more complex projects.  It is important to remember that the better the design set up, the better the sew out quality and consistency.  With that, we try to make the initial set up cost as affordable as possible.  Estimates are provided as requested.

Screen printing is quite different. Considerations include the number of locations to be printed, the number of colors in the design and, in some cases, the type of apparel.  Set up can include both design fees and screen charges.  If digital artwork is provided in a acceptable format, no design fees are incurred.  Screen fees/Set ups are assessed based on the number of colors and locations to be imprinted.  These are one-time fees based on the same design.  We do not charge set up fees for reprint orders.


3. I purchased my own apparel.  Can you decorate it?

Yes!  We are happy to embroider or screen print your items.  There are some caveats – we cannot be responsible for damaged apparel that you provide.  We cannot replace damaged goods.  While it is not common, there are occasions when the embroidery machine or the screen print dryer get hungry. 


4. What are the turn-around times?  Can you handle RUSH jobs?

Generally speaking, upon artwork/proof acceptance:

Embroidery – 5 to 7 business days
Screen Printing – 7 – 10 business days
Promotional Products – 10 business days plus shipping


5. What are the payment terms?

Impact requires a 50% deposit on first time orders.  The balance is due upon receipt of the finished product.  For customers who qualify, reorders are accepted with payment due at the time of delivery. 

We accept MasterCard and Visa, company checks and cash.


6. Can you make me shirts with the New England Patriots logo?  Can you put Micky Mouse on our family vacation t-shirts?

No. No. No. No. No.  Impact is very sensitive to copyright and trademark laws and maintains a strict policy against infringement of any type.  Customers are required to provide proper/authoritative signatures and acknowledge their legal ability to contract Impact Custom Apparel LLC to re-create, produce and/or distribute product decorated with said logo.  This document is available upon request. 


“In the Golf business, the small guy is sometimes over-looked by the large vendors. Impact has been responsive to our needs and it has been a pleasure working with them. I would recommend Impact highly."

Michael Albrecht
PGA Professional
Glen Ellen Country Club